Divya’s love story

Hi, I’m Divya! I’m a final-year engineering student at a prestigious college in Pune. Though I wasn’t born and raised here, Pune has become a home I love. Known for my dedication and hard work in academics, I also explored dating during my second year. While I met some interesting people, I didn’t find that perfect match for a long time.

A couple of months ago, I met Aditya on a dating app. It was a fun way to connect with people! Aditya works as a software engineer. We chatted for a few hours over several days and we discovered a great connection. We both share a passion for sports, love movies, and have a similar sense of humor. I found myself looking forward to our conversations and spending time chatting with him online.

We decided to take the plunge and meet in person at the McDonald’s in Deccan. He was also new to Pune and didn’t know many people either, so we had a lot to talk about. After a great conversation that lasted a couple of hours, he suggested we watch a movie. We ended up watching Mission Impossible-Dead Reckoning, which was fun.

Our next date was a trip to Khadakwasla Dam – it was absolutely beautiful! After a few more meetups, Aditya got really nervous and sentimental one day. The way he proposed was incredibly sweet and unique to him, and of course, I said yes! I’d never seen him so relieved before.

That day, he seemed to relax in a way I hadn’t seen before. He leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. It was a perfect moment, and I couldn’t imagine a day without him after that. We stayed connected with phone calls throughout the week since we were both busy, and looked forward to spending weekends together.

It was my birthday, but I hadn’t mentioned it to Aditya. He called me in the morning, having unexpectedly taken leave from work. He asked to meet, and luckily, I didn’t have any important lectures at college that day.

We met at the Bajaj service center where I was dropping off my bike for maintenance. As I waited outside, I saw him pull up on his red Pulsar 180.

“How come you have the day off?” I asked, surprised.

With a smile, he said, “Hop on. I’ll explain on the way,” and started the bike.

“Where are we going?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“To get my credit card at home,” he replied, “and then somewhere special. It’s a surprise!”

Surprise indeed! I love surprises.

We finally reached his place. He shared a nice house with a friend who was out at the office. Aditya unlocked the door and invited me in. I relaxed on the sofa while he went to the kitchen to grab some water and snacks.

After chatting for a while, I expressed curiosity about his place. So he showed me around the house. During the tour, I noticed a few photos of myself in his bedroom. I was surprised, not having any idea when he took them. They were definitely cute pictures, but I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable that he hadn’t mentioned it before.

Noticing my reaction, Aditya began playfully flirting. “When you’re not around, I can’t resist looking at these pictures,” he admitted. “The thought of being apart for even a day is tough. You’re incredible, and I hope you know that. Promise me you’ll never leave my side?”

The mood was turning serious, so I playfully placed my hand over his mouth. “Enough talk,” I teased. “The truth is, I love hearing all the sweet things you say. It makes me happy to see you get emotional, and of course, the thought of leaving you is unbearable. Aditya, I love you too. I can’t imagine my life without you either.

With that, I leaned in and surprised him with a kiss on his cheek. The playful tension broken, I urged him to get ready. I was too excited to learn what surprise he had planned!

We returned to the living room, where I relaxed on the sofa. Aditya set the mood with a romantic song. Then, with a playful mood, he extended a hand towards me. “May I dance with you, my princess?” he asked, a charming smile gracing his dimpled cheek.

My heart skipped a beat. I smiled back, unable to resist his chivalry. Placing my hand in his, I replied, “Of course, my prince.”

We swayed to the soft music, lost in the moment. It was pure magic to be dancing with the man I loved. It was a feeling I’d cherish forever.

As we danced, his hand gently rested on my waist, my hand found its way to the back of his neck. The music seemed to fade away as we were lost in our own world. He leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on my forehead, followed by tender kisses on my eye lids, cheeks, and nose. It was a whirlwind of affection, a silent language expressing his love and care.

Unable to resist his sweetness, I returned the gesture with a playful kiss on the tip of his nose. His touch lingered on my back, sending shivers down my spine. Then, in a surprising turn, he brought his lips to mine.

Startled at first, I didn’t quite know how to react. But as the kiss deepened, a sense of warmth spread through me. His arms wrapped me in a tight embrace, a silent reassurance of his feelings. I found myself returning the kiss, my fingers instinctively tangled in his hair. Lost in the moment, we held each other close, the music a distant melody.

The kiss intensified, filled with a growing sense of passion. As Aditya deepened the kiss, he gently lifted me in his arms. Still lost in the moment, he carried me to the bedroom. He lay me on the bed and lied down next to me. We began kissing again.

Feeling overwhelmed, I surprised myself by placing a hand on his chest to gently stop him. “Aditya, wait,” I said, my voice firm but not angry. “This feels too fast.”

But he wasn’t in the mood for conversation. He grasped my hand and pulled me closer. “Darling,” he pleaded, “don’t hold back. don’t deny your feelings and emotions. Tell me you love me…” My gaze met his, and I replied, “Of course I love you, but this isn’t right. We need to stop.

But he was not in the mood to stop. He leaned over me saying, “Oh. Come on Divya. don’t talk like a granny.” Then again he started kissing my face and neck. One of his hands touched my left breast and squeezed it. It hurt a bit because I was wearing a bra but it still felt good. At the moment, I didn’t want him to stop what he was doing. But he suddenly stopped kissing and tried removing my top. It was difficult for him because I was lying down. So I sat up and he quickly removed my top. He grabbed my breasts and squeezed them with my bra. I just laughed at his eagerness and removed my bra.

Squeezing my breasts, he said, “Wow Divya! Your breasts are so big and beautiful.”

He looked so excited and delighted, it made me chuckle. I felt a fluttering sensation in my stomach with excitement.

He bent down and sucked one of my nipples while squeezing my other breast. It was a bit painful…but so pleasurable. He sucked both my nipples and squeezed them for a few minutes. Then he stopped abruptly and began removing his clothes. That’s when I first saw a penis. My heart began racing with excitement.

He unbuttoned my jeans and tried to pull it down. I sat up from the mattress which made it easy for him remove my jeans. Then he pulled my panties down and removed it from my feet.

“Wow! your pussy is shaved!” he said, looking delighted.

I chuckled and said, “I like to keep it clean”. Then I bent my knees and spread my legs wide, letting him have a good view.

He knelt down between my legs and came forward. I thought he wanted to lie down on me but he bent down and kissed my vagina. I was surprised. “What are you doing?” I asked and laughed.

He didn’t answer. His breath felt warm on my vagina and I felt his tongue enter. Then he licked the insides of my vagina which caused electric current to flow throughout my body. It felt so good…no words can describe the wonderful feeling. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

When he stopped kissing, licking, sucking and biting my vagina, I opened my eyes and looked at him. He leaned in gently and rested on top of me. He pushed himself up on his elbows and lowered his hips. My heart skipped a beat when I felt the tip of his penis opening my vagina. And suddenly, my mind almost went blank with pain as he penetrated me. Then I could feel the full length of his penis inside my vagina. It was a bit painful, but it felt so good to finally have him inside me. I felt as though I had found a missing part of me.

He kissed me and moved his penis in and out of my vagina. He penetrated me passionately causing me to feel wonderful sexual pleasure which soared higher and higher. It felt like electric current was passing right through my vagina and flowing throughout my body. When the pleasure reached the peak we orgasmed together.

We lay on the bed for a few minutes after making love. We talked about the wonderful time we had. Then we went to the bathroom and showered together.

We went for dinner to Sun & Sand. He knew it was my birthday and wanted to make it unforgettable. The evening was absolutely wonderful, and it’s a memory I’ll always cherish. Even better, we’re getting married after I graduate!

And that is my love story.


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