First time with my buxom bestie

My sexual adventures began when I was in college. It started with a good friend and classmate. Her name is Salma. She didn’t have a pretty face but there was nothing off-putting about her face. She had dusky skin complexion. She was curvy and slightly fat but healthy-looking. Overall, she was a buxom girl, but the one thing that stood out about her was her large breasts.

The guys in the class had given her the name “Cow” because of one incident. She had come to the class few minutes late and tried to quickly get to her seat when her mobile had fallen down. She had bent to pick her mobile when her dupatta had fallen down revealing her cleavage and the large size of her breasts. One of the guys had whistled and everybody had laughed. The professor had asked, “Who whistled!?” Nobody had answered. That day the guys had named her, “Cow” because of the size of her breasts.

I didn’t call her “Cow.” I treated her with respect. She liked me very much and I became her only male friend.

In the second year, the nature of our friendship changed when her engagement was canceled because of some issues. She was disappointed. I consoled her. She slowly recovered and we became close friends. We talked about the things that were happening in our lives and shared our feeling with each other.

One day she directly asked me, “Rahul, do you think I am fat and ugly?”

I told her, “No! You are a very attractive girl. Any guy will be happy to be your boyfriend.”

She was happy with my answer. She hugged me and said, “Thank you.”

Nobody noticed us because we were in the corner of our campus. I could feel the softness of her large boobs on my chest. I hugged her tightly, not wanting to let her go. She didn’t try to free herself until we heard someone’s voice. I freed her from my arms and pulled back. We looked around and found no one. We just laughed it off.

A few days later, she came home to meet me. My parents were not at home. We were sitting on the sofa, watching TV and talking but I was attracted to her more than usual. Maybe it was that hug or maybe I had not realized how attractive she actually was, until that day.

She was wearing an orange, tight Lenin Kurti top and jeans outlining her full figure. She had let her hair loose. She had put mild makeup and kajal. She looked hot.

We were not sitting too close but our knees were touching. She was talking and gesturing with her hands. I tried to say something and lifted my hand. Our hands touched and I held her hand. She let me hold and hand and we continued talking. I gently caressed her hand and she smiled shyly. I looked into her eyes and moved closer. I kissed her lips. She responded well and we kissed like lovers.

I held one of her hands and guided to the bump on my crotch.

She broke the kiss and said, “It’s big.”

“Do you like it?” I asked and smiled.

She laughed. Then she nodded her head and said, “I am scared.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be slow,” I said.

She smiled at me shyly.

I stood up and quickly pulled down my shorts. I sat down and looked at her.

She giggled and said, “It looks scary.”

I took her hand and kept it on my cock. Her hand felt soft and warm on my hard cock. She began rubbing and squeezing my cock and balls.

I went for her biggest assets, her boobs. I massaged the soft flesh through her Kurti and bra. Wow! It was awesome. I wanted to feel it without clothes. I tried lifting her Kurti. It was bit tight, so she let go of my cock and removed her Kurti and bra.

I was mesmerized by the sight of her boobs. The size and shape of her boobs was more amazing than what I had imagined. They looked like large Papayas with succulent looking brownish areolae.

I leaned forward and sucked them one after the other. She moaned, stroking my hair and playing with my cock.

I wanted to play with her breasts and suck them for a long time but I didn’t have much time. My parents had told me they would be back home by 5pm and it was already 4:15pm. I stopped sucking her breasts and told her we have to hurry because my parents would be back soon. She agreed. I told her to remove her clothes. She quickly removed her jeans and panties.

I was surprised by her willingness to have sex but I didn’t care about that. It was my lucky day.

Her body was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and I wanted to touch every inch of her body.

She lay down on the sofa and spread her legs apart, revealing her vagina which was covered by pubic hair. I quickly removed my clothes. I knelt down between her legs and leaned forward, on top of her. I kissed her lips, neck, boobs, belly, navel and finally her vagina. She smelled musky and tasted good.

I sucked her dry and moved forward to kiss her. She put a hand between us and caught my cock. She guided it to her vagina. I felt the slit of her vagina on my cockhead and pushed. My cock glided into cock-heaven. Her vagina was tight, wet and welcoming.

She moaned, “Hmmm….”

I had only pushed half my cock inside her and she was already loving it. Feeling good about it, I thrust my cock deeper into her tight cunt.

“Salma…baby,” I moaned and began moving my cock in and out slowly.

I pistoned my cock in and out of her pussy. She moaned with pleasure. I moved my hips faster. Our bodies collided making smacking sounds. Her boobs bounced like jelly, every time I thrust my cock into her cunt. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened. She seemed to be enjoying getting fucked as much as I was enjoying fucking her. I banged her with maximum speed.

After about 15 minutes of fucking, I began feeling pressure in my balls. I ejaculated inside her and lay on top of her for a while shooting more cum inside her vagina. Her body was like a cushion. She had already climaxed and was not speaking much. But I wanted another session. I whispered into her ears that my fantasy is to fuck her boobs. She blushed and agreed.

I spat some saliva between her boobs. I pressed both her boobs together and rubbed them together, spreading my saliva. I put my cock in between her boobs and pressed her boobs on my cock. Ah, what a feeling it was as her two silky soft boobs pressed on my cock. I fucked her boobs and fulfilled my long-time fantasy.

After sometime I made her kneel down on the floor, on all fours. She looked beautiful with her big boobs hanging down and her ass in an inviting position, like a Cow. I wondered what the guys who named her “Cow” would do to her if they saw her in the position. I guessed they would fuck the “moo” out of her and that is exactly what I wanted to do to her. I pushed my cock into her vagina from behind and fucked. Wow, what a pleasure it was as my cock made ‘thap thap’ sounds in her leaky pussy. I banged on her ass every time I thrust my cock inside her causing her ass and boobs to shake in perfect rhythm.

I spanked the Cow’s big ass hard while I fucked her. She moaned, “Fuck me! Ah! Fuck me!”  I plummeted my cock into her sex-hole repeatedly. Soon I began feeling another orgasm building up. I spread her ass cheeks and saw her anus opening. I pulled out my cock. I pressed the cockhead on her anus and pushed hard. My cockhead slipped into her anus and she cried in pain.

I caught her slender waist tightly and pulled her closer to me. I pushed my cock inside her deep inside her asshole. She groaned with pain. It was dry but I managed to push my cock fully inside her. I grabbed both her breasts from behind her and pistoned my cock, in and out. Her asshole got lubricated with my cock juice and fucked her asshole faster and harder.

After a few powerful strokes I shot cum inside her asshole.

I collapsed on her back as my cock began to shrink in her anus. It popped out got sandwiched between her ass cheeks. I kissed all over her back, hair, and neck.

After we finished having sex, we cleaned ourselves and got dressed.

Salma asked me to promise her that I will always be her best friend. I promised her. She was very happy. She left before my parents came home.

After that first experience with Salma, we became best friends with benefits.


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