My girlfriend and her hot mom

Hi everyone, my name is Vicky. I am 5ft 7 inches tall. I am 28 years old. This story is about a love triangle I had between me, my girlfriend, and her mother.

My girlfriend’s name is Shivangi. She was introduced to me by one of my classmates in college. Shivangi was one year junior to me. She looked hot. She had a pretty face and wavy black, waist length hair. She is 5feet 5 inches tall and she had a good figure. Her stats were 34D-32-36. I liked her and she liked me. We became good friends and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shivangi and I were kind of wild. I like motorbikes and she liked going for rides with me. We smoked cigarettes and drank lot of alcohol. We wore fancy clothes, and we looked cooler than everybody else in the college, or so we thought. We got along well. We did everything boyfriend and girlfriend did, like going to movies, parks, cafes, and pubs. We also kissed and groped each other in secluded places but we didn’t have sex until we completed college. After completing college, we had sex many times. We used to have sex in the car, garden, terrace and in our homes when our parents were not there. I particularly liked having sex with her in her mom’s bedroom because her mom was hot. So, I convinced her to wear her mom’s bra, panties, petticoat, and saree, and have sex with me on her mom’s bed, whenever her mom was not at home.

Sometimes, I used to tell Shivangi, that she looked sexy like her mom. She used to take it as a compliment and blush. But one day while we were drinking, I told her that she looked very hot like her mom. She asked me if I liked her or her mom. I told her I liked both of them and I would like to have sex with both at the same time. She stared at me for a second and started beating me on my arms, saying, “Don’t talk like that! What is wrong with you?!”

After that incident, I teased her frequently, saying that I want to have sex with her and her mom at the same. At first, she would just stare and beat me on my arms but after some time she got bored of hearing the same thing. Whenever I mentioned it, she would just stare at me or ignore me.

One day, after we got drunk, we were having sex in missionary position when I asked Shivangi to tell me her wildest fantasy. She told me her fantasy was to have threesome with a me and a woman. She also told me she wanted to have sex with me or someone else while other people watched us.

She turned me on so much with her fantasy, I bit her nipples and fucked her very hard till I came inside her pussy.

Then I rolled over and lay on my back feeling exhausted. She turned towards me and lay on her side. She put an arm over my chest and asked me to tell her my wild fantasy. I told her my fantasy can’t come true, so there was no need to talk about it. She told me she will fulfill my fantasy at any cost and asked me again to tell her my fantasy. So, I told her I wanted to have sex with her and her mom at the same time and marry both of them.

She laughed and told me she could understand me because most boys have crush on aunties and Bhabhies. But she wanted to know why I wanted to marry her mom.

I told her I wanted to marry her mom because she looked lonely, hot, and desperate for sex.

Shivangi agreed that her mom was desperate for sex, but she told me her mom will never have sex with me or consider marrying me even in her wildest dreams.

I told her to just help me make my fantasies come true. She told me that my fantasies will never come true, but she will try, just to find out if her mom would fall for me.

From then on, Shivangi would sometimes take pictures of her mom in revealing positions at home and share it with me. Her mom was hot. Her name is Deepali. She was in her mid-40’s but she had a pretty face and very curvy body. She had big tits, slim waist and big ass. She usually dressed in a Saree and looked like a housewife even though she was divorced.

I used to look at the pictures and masturbate. But I was not satisfied. So, I purchased a new SIM card and created a new WhatsApp profile. Then I sent a simple message to her mother, saying, “Hi.”

She didn’t reply for two days. I thought Deepali auntie may not reply to an unknown number. But on the second day, I received a message from her. The message was: Who is this?

I didn’t answer her. I just messaged her that I was her secret admirer, and I liked her pretty face and her beautiful figure.

Deepali auntie didn’t reply but I kept messaging her. I messaged her that I love her, and I want to make love to her. She still didn’t reply, so I sent her more detailed messages, explaining that I admired her so much that I want to kiss her lips, neck, navel, thighs, feet and buttocks. She still didn’t reply for one full day. So, the next day, I messaged her that I want to spread open her legs and eat her pussy. She didn’t reply, so I thought she will never reply. But after one hour she messaged: And?

I replied: I will lie down on you and penetrate your vagina with my long dick.

She replied: And?

I replied: Then I will make love to you all night and day.

She replied: You are too horny.

I replied: I am too horny for you.

She messaged: LOL

From then on, she began to chat more openly with me. She shared with me about her struggle with loneliness and unsatisfied sexual desires. I told her I can satisfy her sexual desires and sent her my dick pictures. She was happy with the size of my cock. I asked her to share her nude pictures with me. She told me that she cannot share the pictures because she had a daughter at home who had to get married. She was worried that the pictures may leak to public, and it will spoil her family’s reputation. I told her she can trust me and pleaded with her to send me her nude pictures. So, she agreed to send me pictures with her face blurred.

Then Deepali auntie shared 3 pics. In one pic she was licking her nipple. In the other picture, she was fingering her pussy. And in the third picture, she was spreading her legs, and a cucumber was inserted inside her pussy.

I masturbated for all her pictures and sent her pictures of me masturbating with my face blurred.

We exchanged pictures for one month. Then one day I went to her house when my girlfriend was not at home. Deepali auntie was happy to see me as usual. She told me Shivangi was not at home. I told her I didn’t come to meet Shivangi. Auntie was surprised. Then I confessed to auntie that I am her secret admirer. She was shocked. She started crying and begging me not to tell anyone. I told her I won’t tell anyone if she let me make love to her. She told me she can’t let me do it because I was her daughter’s boyfriend. I told her that Shivangi knew about my plan and showed her the pictures of her that Shivangi had sent me.

Auntie couldn’t believe it. She started crying and telling me to let her go and she won’t do anything like that in the future.

I kept my hands on auntie’s shoulders and asked her to sit down. She sat down on the sofa. I sat down next to her moved closer to her. She moved back. I put one arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Then I kissed her lips. She resisted at first, then as I pulled her even closer, she relaxed in my arms and let me kiss her.

Slowly, I pulled her Pallu down. I grabbed her boobs. They were big and soft. I squeezed them hard. “Ahhh….slowly,” auntie moaned.

I moved my hands down to the sides of her bare waist and squeezed the soft flesh. Then I told her to remove her blouse and bra. Obediently, she removed the hooks of her blouse and removed her bra.

Her boobs looked beautiful. They were big and round. I bent down and sucked the nipple of her right-side breast and squeezed her other breast. The sounds of her moaning were sweet. It made me want to stick my cock into her cunt and make her moan with pleasure. I let go of her nipple from my mouth and turned to her other breast. I sucked the nipple of that breast and bit the flesh of her areola till I was satisfied. Then I sucked hard on the nipple for some time before I let it pop out of my mouth. I stood up and looked down at her. I unbuttoned my pant and pulled it down with my underwear. I pointed my dick at her face. She knew what to do. She opened her mouth and came forward, letting my cock fully enter her mouth. Her breath felt warm and comforting on my cock. Then she closed her mouth around the base of my cock and pulled her head back, sucking my cock hard.

Deepali auntie sucked my cock passionately. I gently stroked her hair and wondered if I should ejaculate in her mouth, cunt, or asshole. I decided because it was the first time, I should inaugurate by ejaculating in her cunt. So, I told her to stand up and lift her Saree.

Auntie stood up and turned around. She lifted her Saree and petticoat. She knelt holding her clothes above her buttocks. Her cunt and asshole looked clean and succulent. I pointed my cockhead at the slit of her cunt and pushed slowly. I watched my cock disappear into her cunt as I felt her wet, tight hole embrace my cock. I pushed deep inside and let my cock rest inside. I held her slim, bare waist and pressed my crotch on her soft ass cheeks. It was a wonderful moment when Shivangi’s mom and I united for the first time. At that moment I made up my mind to marry Shivangi and her mom. I moved my hands forward and grabbed her breasts. I squeezed her swollen breasts and began fucking my girlfriend’s mom. In and out, my cock went, fucking her cunt. Her soft moans of pleasure encouraged me to fuck her harder. I fucked her harder and faster, slamming my crotch on her chubby ass cheeks. A few minutes later, I ejaculated inside her cunt for the first time. I ejaculated till every drop of semen squirted out of my piss hole. Then I pulled my cock out and told her to sit down on the couch.

After she sat down, I told her to suck my cock. She sucked my cock again and made it hard. Just then the doorbell rang. Auntie pulled my cock out of her mouth and said, “Shivangi! You open the door. I’ll go to the bathroom.”

“Ok,” I said and pulled my pants up.

I went to the front door and opened it.

“What are you doing here?” Shivangi asked.

“Just came to meet your mom. She is ready for a threesome. Are you ready?” I asked.


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