My Bhabhi became my girlfriend

This happened about 3 years ago when I was still in college. My brother was doing well with his transport business. So, he got married at that time. My sister-in-law’s name is Jaya. She is a beautiful woman from a small town. She has a good-looking face, wheatish skin colour and she is about 5 feet and 5 inches. She is bit large, but she is not overweight. She has a good figure, 38-32-40. Her shoulders, arms and waist were slim, but her breasts, hips and buttocks were big, which made her very curvy. She usually wore a Saree and looked very beautiful because she had wide hips and plump buttocks. Although she was a bottom-heavy woman, her big boobs matched the large size of her bottom. When she walked her breasts bounced and her bottom jiggled, up-down, and left-right. Being a newly married woman, she used wear lot of Bangles, keep jasmine flowers on her hair, behind her neck and keep a red Bindi and Sindhoor on her forehead. She was a real stunner.

I used to secretly admire her. I liked her sweet voice, beautiful smile, calm personality, and the way she carried herself. I would have been very happy if had a wife who looked like her, but my brother didn’t know her value. He used to come home drunk every night and behave aggressively with her. I would hear Bhabhi pleading and crying.

I wanted to see what was going on between them. I secretly hid a mobile phone in their room and used it as a web camera. That night my brother arrived as usual—late and drunk.

Jaya gave him food like an ideal wife. She sat beside him and asked him about his day. He gave her angry response. After he had dinner, my brother went to their bedroom. Bhabhi went to the kitchen and washed dishes before going to their bedroom.

I watched the camera view of my mobile phone which I had kept in their room. My brother was lying on the bed. Bhabhi sat down on the bed and lied down on her side, turning away from him. My brother hugged her from behind.

“You are drunk again,” Bhabhi said.

My brother didn’t reply. So, Bhabhi said, “You come home drunk every night. You know I don’t like drunk people,” she said in a complaining manner.

By this time, my fat elder brother had lost his patience. He just grabbed her long hair and pulled her, wanting her to face him. She groaned with pain and turned to face him. He kissed her hard despite her resistance.  She tried to free herself, probably smelling alcohol on his breath.

My brother just gave her a tight slap and pined her hands over her head. Because he is a strong man, he could hold her hands with one hand and squeeze her boobs very hard with his other hand.

I was watching this on my laptop. I felt bad for my Bhabhi, but I was turned on. My cock had become very hard. I pulled it out of my shorts and masturbated, lusting at my beautiful Bhabhi.

My brother lifted her Saree and Petticoat. He put his hands inside her Panties. Bhabhi moaned and whimpered. It looked like my brother was fingering her pussy with his thick fingers. He pulled his fingers out of her Panties and tried to put it inside her mouth. She turned away but he rubbed his fingers on her lips. He sat on the bed and pulled her Panties down. He pulled his Pyjama down and got on top of her. He forcefully parted her thighs. They struggled but soon my brother was fucking his wife—my adorable Bhabhi.

“Oh my god you are killing me. Aaahhhh. Ouchhhhh. Pull it out I’m going to die. Please be gentle.” She pleaded with my brother.

I could hear her feeble voice in the room. I was feeling sorry for Jaya. My brother shut her up with his hands over her mouth and I could see Jaya sobbing and tears rolling down her eyes.

My brother could not hold for long, and he just crashed on top of her. He then pulled out and lay down next to her. He later grabbed her hair and pushed her head to his crotch, making her lick his cock. Bhabhi had no other choice. She simply grabbed his cock in her hands and kissed it. My brother forcefully rubbed his cock on her face and lips. Then he pushed her to the side and dozed off.

My Bhabhi laid there sobbing, exploited and unsatisfied. My brother just wanted his satisfaction but never cared about Bhabhi’s satisfaction.

After some time, Bhabhi turned away from him and lied down on her side. Then she started to touch herself. With one hand, she played with her boobs and with the other hand, she fingered her wet pussy.

I masturbated looking at my beautiful Bhabhi and envied my brother. After some time, Bhabhi calmed down and looked like she had climaxed. Then she went to the attached bathroom in their bedroom. I also went to the bathroom and finished shagging.

My brother’s aggressive behaviour with Bhabhi continued for a couple of months more. She complained to her parents about my brother. But as a typical Indian family, they consoled her and advised her to obey my stupid brother.

I would always see her being badly treated by my brother. Even on her birthday, my brother left with his truck drivers to Gujarat. He never even bothered to call her up. She, like a woman in love, kept on checking her mobile phone, expecting messages from my brother.

This was now too much for me. I wanted to do something for her. I wanted become friendly with her and make her happy. So, I planned to give her a good experience on her birthday. I asked her to come with me to watch a movie and have dinner at a restaurant. She refused. I talked with my parents and my parents convinced her to go out with me to just enjoy her birthday. So, she agreed. Before she went to her room, I asked her, “Can I select what you are going to wear?”

“Why?” She asked me.

“You should look sexy, you are my date tonight,” I replied. She laughed. She patted my arm gently and said, “You are naughty”.

I went to her room with her. She opened her wardrobe and showed me her clothes. I selected a light green Saree which had golden embroidery thinking it would suit her light skin colour. She was happy with my selection. She told me she will take bath and change her clothes. I left her room.

I was very happy. All I wanted was to make her happy on her birthday. I quickly went to my room and shaved, took a shower and got dressed in a black body fitting t-shirt and blue jeans. I work out regularly, so the t-shirt looked great on me. I used to get many compliments from girls in my college whenever I wore that t-shirt.

After I was ready, I had to wait for my Bhabhi to get ready. She took her own sweet time. But when she came, she blew my mind off.

Her face glowed with light makeup. The red bindi and mild red lipstick made her face look more pretty. Her well-combed, straight, hair parted in the middle of her forehead and flowed down loosely till her waist. She had worn the light green Saree, I had selected. The colour blended well with her light skin colour. The semi-transparent Saree revealed her belly and navel enhancing her sex appeal. The Saree fit closely around her wide hips and buttocks, highlighting the feminine curves of her waist, hips and the plump cheeks of her buttocks. She was wearing golden colour bangles, golden Mangal sutra and golden colour sandals. Oh man, she looked ravishing, fully clothed, and yet modern.

She was glowing like never before. I had planned only a date with her. But, once I saw her, I just wanted to take her in my arms and make love to her.

On the way to the cinema theatre, I complimented her a lot and I flirted with her. I said, “My brother is so lucky. He got an apsara like you. I am unlucky, you don’t even have a younger sister.”

She just blushed and laughed for my jokes. But I was happy I had let her know that I was really into her.

We went to an evening show to watch a scary movie. As she was wearing heels, I grabbed her hand and helped her walk to her seat. When the movie started and scary scenes scared her, she grabbed my arms and didn’t let go. I was not able to focus on the movie. Her touch and her fragrance were making me crazy. I was having such a hard-on sitting next to her. I couldn’t control myself. I kept her hand on my crotch where my cock had caused my pant to bulge. She touched and looked at me surprised. She didn’t move her hand. She rubbed on the bulge from base to top and then from top to the base, as if she was measuring it. She suddenly looked at me and asked, “What are you up to?”

“I like you so much. I can’t think of anything else. Bhabhi, I love you,” I confessed to her.

She smiled and turned to the screen. I put my arm around her shoulder and tried to take her into my arms and touch her boobs. She freed herself angrily. She stood up and walked away.

I got worried. All kinds of question came to my mind in a second—Did I hurt her feelings? Is she going to tell my parents? What if she tells my brother?

I went behind her and said, “Please Bhabhi. I am sorry.”

She didn’t reply. She got down the stairs of the cinema theatre. Sounds from the horror movie blasted through the speakers as I walked next her fearing she might tell my parents and my brother.

After we came out of the cinema theatre, she stared at me and said, “I am not your wife!”

“Bhabhi, please don’t create a scene here. Let’s go to the car,” I requested.

She stared at me for me for a few seconds and turned away. We went to the carpark. We got into the car, and I drove towards a restaurant. On the way, I stopped the car on the side of a quiet street and said, “I love you, Bhabhi. Please try to understand me.”

She stared at me and asked, “Do you know, what your bother will do to you, if I tell him?”

“Do you want to complain about a guy who innocently loves you to a guy who ill-treats?” I asked.

She looked into my eyes for a moment and turned away. I drove to the restaurant. Throughout the way she was quiet and seemed to be thinking.

I drove to a good restaurant. It was about 8:30PM. We went to the family area in the first floor. There were not many people there. We selected a good table from where we could see the street. The waiter gave us the menu. I requested Bhabhi to select the food. She hesitated and asked me to select the food I like. I reminded her that it was her birthday. So, she selected the food, and I placed the order.

While we waited for the food, Bhabhi avoided eye contact with me. So, to get her attention and see her reaction, I said, “I love you.”

She looked at me and stared angrily. I smiled. She looked away and suddenly burst out laughing. Then she looked at me again and said, “It doesn’t matter. I am your brother’s wife.”

“It matters. I can make you happy,” I said.

She looked into my eyes and asked, “What do you mean?”

I shrugged my shoulder and said, “We can be friends. We can go around and visit good places. I’ll take you to temples, movies, restaurants, parks, beaches and shopping. I just want to see you happy.”

She laughed, softly and said, “I am not your wife.”

“But you can be my friend…my girlfriend,” I said.

“What? Are you mad?” She asked and laughed.

“It will be fun,” I said.

She shook her head and smirked.

The waiter got the dishes and kept it on the table. A few minutes after we started eating, I asked, “Do you like it. Bhabhi?”

“Yes. It is very good,” she said.

After we finished eating, I told Bhabhi, I am going to the washroom. Bhabhi told me they will bring a fingerbowl. I told her I prefer to wash my hands in the sink and went to the washroom. After I washed my hands, I found my waiter near the kitchen and placed an order for a small cake with one candle. When I went back to the table, Bhabhi had washed her hand in the fingerbowl.

I sat down and said, “You look very beautiful.”

She laughed and said, “Thank you.”

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