Sleeping with my fiancée

I am going to tell you about my first night experience with my fiancée.

We are in a long-distance relationship for 4 years. We used to meet once or twice in a year at that time. I was working in Bangalore and she lived in Odisha. So, I could not come frequently to my home town to meet her due to the work load and less leaves from the office. So, whenever we met, we tried to find some private place to spend some intimate moments (hugs, kisses, etc.). We both were very keen to spend time together because we never got the chances to be physically close.

So, we mostly met in a friend’s house. My fiancée’s best friend and her BF were living together before marriage and that was our best place to meet.

One evening I and my fiancée met her friend and her friend’s BF. We spent the evening very well. We went to markets and ate good food. By the time we returned, it was too late. It was around 10 pm and winter season.

My fiancée and I were about to leave, but unexpectedly her friend and her BF asked us to stay with them that night, as it was very late at night. I had never thought that I would get a chance to stay one night with my future wife before marrying her. My fiancée also couldn’t but I saw a smile on her face as if she also wanted to stay that night with me.

We both acted like we couldn’t stay, but we were excited. Finally, her friend and her BF forced us and convinced us to stay.

Her friend’s house was very small. It was only one bedroom house with a kitchen and bathroom. We were not sure about staying one night with them because they had just one bed. But fortunately, her friends offered us their bed and they wanted to sleep on a mat on the floor. I told them we can sleep down and they should sleep on their bed. But they were too good. They insisted that we should have their bed because we were guests. So, we agreed to sleep on their bed. They were happy. Her friend’s BF said, “Let’s celebrate.” I didn’t know what he meant. He went to the kitchen and brought 4 bottles of beer. We were surprised, but we were happy we got a chance to drink beer again because we drank occasionally.

But I was a bit concerned about my girlfriend. She was a bit horny woman and after drinking alcohol, she usually became hornier. I didn’t how to handle her if she became very horny. But I was very excited for that moment.

Our drinking continued for an hour. We joked and laughed. We got drunk and decided to go to bed. Her friend and her BF prepared their bed on the floor and laid down. We both climbed on the bed and laid down.

We were so drunk that our eyes were slowly closing and we were talking like, bla bla bla. Someone switched off the room lights. We fell asleep quickly.

After some time, I woke up suddenly and saw everyone was sleeping. The lights were off but a few lights outside had some light passing through the gaps of the doors and windows. So, the room was clearly visible.

Then I turned my head to my left and saw my fiancée sleeping. She was sleeping like she had got blacked out after drinking alcohol. She was sleeping straight and facing upward. She was wearing a yellow colour cotton embroidered Kurta, which had four front-side buttons. The top two buttons were unbuttoned. It was a bit tight and revealing the curvy shape of her body. I had never got a chance to see her sleeping. So, I took a good look at the woman I had decided to marry.

I touched her arm and tried to wake her up slowly but she was in a deep sleep. I lay still, admiring her beauty.

Suddenly, she turned around to my side. I was scared and thought she will surely wake up, but she didn’t. The embroidered part of her Kurtha near her neck had opened wider and her cleavage was visible. My eyes were wide open looking at her cleavage for the first time.

She was taking deep long breaths and her breasts were expanding and shrinking. She was facing me and the hour glass shape of her body was clearly visible. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I slowly moved closer to her and kept a hand on her hip. Our faces were very close and I could feel her breath on my face. I moved my head closer and kissed her lips. I licked and sucked her soft lips. Slowly I unbuttoned the last two buttons of her Kurtha. I put my hands inside her Kurth and bra. Her right-side breast felt soft in my hand. I squeezed gently. Suddenly, I heard, “Hhmmmm” “ummmm…” moaning sounds escape from her mouth. I realized that she was also enjoying this while sleeping.

I squeezed both her breasts gently. Her breasts had swollen and I could feel her hard nipples in my hand. I held one of her nipples between my fingers and squeezed it. She moaned, “Mmmmmm” “AAaaahhhh” as if she also liked it.

I couldn’t resist any more. Without hesitation, I slowly pulled out her right-breast from her bra. Her chocolate-colored nipple looked very suckable. I moved closer to her breast and smelled the sexy smell of my fiancée’s body. I took the nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. Her nipple was so smooth and juicy. I sucked it for a few minutes, then I stopped and pulled her other breast from her bra. I moved down to the breast that was partially pressed on the bed. I kept the right-side of my face on the bed and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked her nipple. Everything seemed calm. I could only hear soft exhaling sounds of our friends who were sleeping on the floor. I gently squeezed the breast that was above me and sucked the nipple of the breast that was before my face. I closed my eyes and continued sucking her nipple peacefully for a few more minutes.

Suddenly she moved and tried to turn. I let go of her nipple and moved back. She turned and lay on her back, facing up. Both her breasts were still out of her Kurtha.

I got up and sat down next to her and started sucking her breast again. I sucked both her breasts one after the other. Her moaning gradually became fast and, “Aahhhh”, “mmmmm” sounds became a bit loud now. I was scared if her friend and her BF will wake up. But I was also so excited and not able to control too. I bit her nipple and the sounds, “Ssssssshhhh.. aaahhhh..” escaped her mouth. I feared that others could have heard this sounds. I just closed her mouth with my hand and continued sucking and softly biting her nipple. I licked the dark circle around her nipple and made them wet.

I stopped sucking her breasts and moved down to her belly. I lifted her Kurtha and saw her smooth belly and navel. I kissed her navel, put my tongue inside and licked it. My hands moved all over her body feeling her soft thighs, butt and breasts. My fiancée was moaning and taking deep breaths as if she was enjoying more than me. I kissed her cheeks and lips. She sheepishly said, “sleep…”

I kissed her lips and I laid down next to her. I put my arm around her waist and fell asleep.

The next morning after we woke, she was behaving as if she didn’t know anything about the previous night. Her friend and her friends BF also were behaving normally. I was relieved but I wondered if my fiancée was just pretending to be normal.

We ate breakfast with her friends. And after breakfast we said our goodbyes and left their house.

I didn’t talk about it to my fiancée and she seemed to have not memory of the wonderful experience I had with her.

After a few days when I was back in Bangalore, I told everything to her over phone. She was shocked and I thought she be angry with me. But after a few seconds, she asked me “Mmmmmm..Did you like it?”

I told her I loved her big, fair boobs and her chocolate brown nipples. And, I would love to do it again.

She told me, “You can do it after we get married.”

I said, “Then, let’s get married soon.”

“Ok,” she said.

We got married after three months. We had a very good first night.

Two years after that incident, we are happily married and we have a one-year-old child. My wife’s likes breast feeding me. I like sucking her nipple and drinking her milk before falling asleep every night.

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