My computer science teacher

This story is an experience I had with one of my high school teachers, after I left school. She was a beauty and I was a lucky guy to have intimate relationship with her.

She was our computer science teacher. She was newly married, around 24 years of age, 5′ 7″, fair, with excellent figure. I used to always admire her beauty whenever I saw her.

She used to usually wear a saree or salwar kurta. She was extremely beautiful and, in a Saree, she looked very sexy because one could see her slim waist and her big boobs in her clinging blouse. I had always fantasised having sex with her. My fantasy did not come true when I was in school.

Even after I finished school she was in my dreams and in my fantasies, but I didn’t meet her, as I did not know where she lived. Nor did I go to school specially to meet her, as I felt awkward to go to school just to meet a teacher. But luckily, I met her unexpectedly after two years.

One day, I was riding my bike in the evening and I saw her in the market. She was shopping with her husband. I went to them and wished them. She was happy to meet me. She introduced me to her husband. She asked me what I was doing and she was glad to know that I was studying computer science in a college. She told me that I could contact her, if I need any help or suggestions regarding books or projects. I took her contact number and gave my mobile number to her. During this casual talk, I came to know that her husband was employed in a shipping company and he traveled frequently.

After meeting them, I went home and used her contact number to get her address. She lived nearby, around 5 km. away from my house. I waited for 15-20 days and called her number. She was happy to talk to me. I asked her if she can suggest some good programming books and she told me the name of books. I called after two days and told her I had trouble understanding some topics and she was happy to clear my doubts.

Gradually, I began calling her after every two or three days. Initially, we used to talk only about computer science but after a month or so we began talking about general things. So, once I requested her to help me complete a project during the end of my semester. It was summer vacation and she was free, so she agreed to help me. We agreed to meet next day.

The next day, I reached her house at 5 pm. I took some fruits and sweets with me and gave it to her. Her husband had not returned from the office. I discussed the project with my teacher till her husband returned from work at 6:30. After he returned, we all had tea and snacks together. Her husband was impressed by my nature and my behavior. So, they didn’t mind me visiting them every evening to discuss about the project with my teacher and have chai with them. One evening her husband told me that he will be going to Singapore for an official tour and asked me to take care of my teacher. I told him I am very grateful to my teacher and I’ll be honoured to take care of her.

After her husband went to Singapore, we spent more time working on my project. I finally got a chance to admire her beauty without her husband around us. I admired her whenever I got a chance to see her. She had long black hair and she was always well dressed in a Saree. She had a pretty face, narrow shoulder, round boobs, slim waist with rounded bottom, wide hips and thighs. She looked so beautiful that I had to resist the urge to hug her and kiss her.

So, while her husband was away, I used to go to her house in the morning and help her with her household chores, buy things from the market etc. One day she told me that I should have lunch with her and I agreed. So, after the household chores were done, she asked me to wait and went to take a bath. I was watching the TV in the Livingroom. After having bath, she came out looking very beautiful in a short pink bathrobe and a towel tied around on her head. Her long well-shaped legs looked smooth. She looked very sexy. I just had to lift the robe and…

“What happened?” She asked.

I replied back, “Ma’am you look very beautiful and your husband is very lucky to be married to you.”

She just smiled and said nothing. She went to her room and came back after fifteen minutes. She was still wearing the pink gown. She had removed the wet towel from her head and dried her hair. She looked fresh and smelled fresh.

While we were having lunch, she asked if I have a girlfriend. I told her that I don’t have a girlfriend. She asked me the reason and I told her that there are very few girls in my college and I am not attracted to any of them. I asked her if her life changed after getting married. She told me that it is a big responsibility and she has to adjust with many things after leaving her parents’ home. After having lunch, she told me it was good to have an open chat with me. She asked me to join her for dinner. I agreed to join her for dinner and left her house.

That evening, I went to her house for dinner. She was dressed in a Saree as usual and she looked very beautiful. We sat on the sofas in the living room and chatted while I admired her as usual. Unexpectedly she saw me looking at her breasts and laughed. I looked away feeling embarrassed.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

I just shook my head, speechlessly.

“I know what you are thinking about,” she said and smiled.

I looked at her, confused and afraid.

“I’ll tell you what you are thinking about,” she said. She stood up and walked towards the single sofa I was sitting on.

I slowly stood up fearing she would slap me and kick me out of her house.

She stood before me and said, “Close your eyes. I’ll tell you what you were thinking about.”

I slowly closed my eyes getting mentally ready to get slapped.

“Don’t open your eyes, until I tell you to open your eyes,” she said.

“Okay ma’am,” I said, scared and confused.

“Lift your hands and keep them on my hands,” she said.

Wondering what she was trying to do, I lifted my hands. Her hands caught my hands and she said, “Don’t open your eyes!”

“Ok ma’am,” I said.

She pulled my hands and I felt her Saree, blouse and her boobs in my hands. Shocked I opened my eyes.

“I told you not to open your eyes,” she said, holding my hands on her boobs.

“Sorry ma’am,” I said

“Don’t be sorry. You are touching what you were thinking about,” she said and asked, “Am I right?”

I looked at her smiling face. At that moment, I got the green light. I gently squeezed her boobs through her clothes and said, “You are right, ma’am. But you are partially right. I was also thinking about your pretty face, your cute belly and your beautiful bottom.”

She laughed and asked, “Did think about me like this when you were my student in school?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I confessed.

“If you are telling the truth, don’t just stand there holding my boobs,” she said and laughed.

I looked into her beautiful eyes and asked, “Can I hug your ma’am?”

She smiled and nodded. She released my hands. I quickly put my arms around her and hugged her tight. She smelled of feminine scents and her big boobs pressed on my chest like soft cushions.

Her hands stroked the hair on the back of my head, rubbed my back and moved under my t-shirt. I felt her fingers on my bare back and shivered.

“Remove your t-shirt,” she said and tried to move back.

I released her from my arms and she stepped back. I quickly removed my t-shirt and looked at her. She was removing the hooks of her blouse. As she removed her blouse her boobs became partially visible. It was covered by a white lace bra and I could see her nipples through the lace fabric. She looked at me, smiled shyly and asked, “Are you waiting for me to remove your pant?”

“No, no. I’ll remove it,” I said.

As I removed my pant, I looked at her. She had removed the bra and put her Saree’s Pallu over her shoulder. Her left boob was partially visible through the Saree and her right boob was fully visible. I kept my pant on the sofa and looked at her. She looked at my upper body and my dick. She looked at my dick for a few seconds and smiled. She looked up at my face and asked, “Do you work out?”

“I just do basic exercise everyday ma’am!” I said and went closer to her.

She stood still and smiled at me. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I took her in my arms. Her soft boobs pressed on my chest like cushions and her stiff nipples poked like little flower buds. I kissed her cheeks, her neck, her forehead, her ears, her nose, her chin and her lips. I moved my hands all over her body, feeling her smooth skin and the softness of her body. She laughed happily as I squeezed her breasts, waist and buttocks. I put my hands behind her and lifted her buttocks. She rubbed her face on my shoulder and neck. I pulled her Saree’s Pallu from her shoulder and tried to remove it. She turned round and round, and I undraped her Saree.

She untied her petticoat string and her petticoat dropped down on the carpet. She pulled her lace panty down and let it drop down to her ankle. She stepped out of her panty and looked at me.

I was mesmerized by her naked beautiful body. She smiled at me and sat down on the sofa. She laid down on her back, on the sofa and spread her legs apart. Her inner thighs were chubby and cream color. Her vagina was clean shaven and the slit was wet with pussy juice. I climbed the sofa and knelt down between her legs. I bent down and kissed every inch of her soft inner thighs and her vagina. Then I began exploring her pussy-hole. I inserted my index finger inside her pussy-hole and rubbed it gently. Slowly, I finger-fucked her and she enjoyed it. Then, I got on top of her. I kept the head of my dick in the slit of her vagina and pushed. My cock glided into the tight, wet vaginal canal. Wow that was a lovely feeling, her vagina was a bit warm and my tool moved inside stretching her hole. I kissed her lips, cheeks, neck and shoulder. I squeezed her breasts and sucked her nipples as I began fucking her. She put her legs around my legs and told me to do it fast. I increased pace and fucked her faster. She moaned with pleasure and lay still with her eyes closed. I fucked and fucked, deeper and deeper, moving my cock rapidly in and out of her pussy-hole like a piston, till our bodies began to tremble with orgasm. She moaned with pleasure and laughed softly. My dick jerked inside her pussy-hole and shot cum inside her precious little cunt-hole.

After I was done, I fell flat on her and kept my head by the side of her face. She stroked my hair and asked me if I was tired. I laughed and told her I am not tired. She asked me if I have had sex before and I told her I have not had sex before but I have watched many porn videos. She said we can watch porn videos next time and try something new. I kissed her lips, thankfully.

After having sex, we washed and put on our clothes. We had dinner at 8:30pm. After dinner we sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV. That’s when she told me that she was four weeks pregnant. I congratulated her and told her we should celebrate. We kissed and fondled each other. Then we went into the bedroom and she asked me what I want to do. I shyly told her that I want to fuck her in doggystyle. She was ready to do that. She lifted her Saree and petticoat and climbed the bed. She had not worn her panty after we had sex, so her ass was fully visible and it looked beautiful. She knelt down on the bed on all fours. I knelt down behind her on the bed. I held her slim waist, kept my dickhead in the slit of her vagina and pushed. My cock slowly slid deep inside her cunt-hole. I bent forward on her back and began fucking her cunt with my reenergized cock. I held her boobs and squeezed them as I started fucking her cunt with more power. I got carried away and squeezed her boobs really hard. And she moaned “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… easy, please be bit gentle on my breasts.”

She had quite big boobs, 36c to be exact. I really enjoyed playing with them while fucking her cunt. I fucked her for about 15 minutes and shot cum inside her.

After having sex for the second time, it was late for me. She told me to come early in the morning, so that we can have fun again. So, while her husband was away, we had sex every day, two to three times in a day. After her husband came back, we only met in the afternoons and had sex. Sometimes we watched porn together and tired new positions. It was fun to have sex with her during different stages of her pregnancy.  As her baby bump became bigger and bigger, she got used to sucking my dick and she developed an appetite for my cum. She gave me good blowjobs and swallowed my cum frequently. Till she delivered, I fucked her doggystyle and shot cum inside her cunt, asshole and mouth. I kept her happy during her pregnancy and she gave birth to a healthy and happy child.

Then after three years, her husband got transferred to a different city and they moved. I couldn’t contact her after that. I missed her too much for many years.

Three years ago, I went abroad permanently. When it was time for me to get married, I selected a woman who looks like my ma’am. My wife is very beautiful and she satisfies me sexually like ma’am. But I still miss my beautiful computer science teacher.

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